Speak and Connect- Advanced Session

Speak & Connect – Advanced Session


In this powerful two-day workshop participants will recognize their strengths and challenges as speakers and have the opportunity to further develop their unique qualities and style. Through our process of challenging predictable behaviors, trying out new ideas, and exploring creative ways to engage an audience, students will learn ways to get noticed, be heard and stay remembered.

Each day is structured to reflect the needs and abilities of those attending. Though a section of the workshop focuses on PowerPoint, participants will not be using computers during this training.

Professionals who want to take their presenting to a new level of excellence. The key is to bring an open mind and a willingness to embrace a new perspective. It takes work to bring new ideas to life. Letting go of old beliefs or habits is tough, yet that’s exactly what students will be asked to do.

This two-day workshop delivers all the material from the one day course plus:

  • Individual practice using voice, gestures, eye contact, movement, and body language.
  • Learn to take charge of a room and motivate your audience.
  • Understand the importance of storytelling within business.
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of slide presentation software. (PowerPoint®)
  • Effectively run Q&A sessions and handling difficult questions.
  • Adjust presentations to fit the audience and their needs.
  • Incorporate variety in delivery for maximum impact.
  • Creating modular presentations.
  • The 5 Steps to organizing and creating an effective presentation.
  • Methods for dealing with nervousness and apprehension.
  • Successful conclusions: Leave a lasting and vivid impression.
It takes work to bring new ideas to life. Various activities throughout the day will provide tools and guidance to bolster Creative Confidence.

  • Vocal Image: Excerpt reading and audio recording.
  • Eye contact exercise and personal style assessment to camera.
  • Discussion and Collaboration: That’s how new ideas are born.
  • Incorporating flip charts and whiteboards.
  • Slide Test: A sure-fire method to assess the effectiveness of slides.
  • Practice presentation to camera: Reveals what happens physically, psychologically, and emotionally when presenting.
  • One-on-one expert coaching throughout the day.
  • Final presentation to camera.

Students must bring a hard copy (paper version) of one of their business presentations; one they currently deliver or will be giving in the near future. They should be familiar with the content of the presentation. Computers will not be used in this class.

Workbook for ease of learning and organization throughout the day.
• Thorough written and verbal evaluations.
• Video and audio media via secure individual web portals.
• A durable laminated TalkTips™ and Slide Guide™ reference card.

A Pre and Post Self-Assessment tool will be used to gauge the impact the course has on students’ communication ability, confidence, and style.

Currently, we only offer classes for teams. The Speak & Connect Advanced Session is for between 6 and 10 participants at a time due to the focused individual attention.
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