Harnessing PowerPoint

Harnessing PowerPoint®


Slide presentations are a part of doing business, and most of them cause an audience to ‘turn off’ rather than ‘tune in.’

The solution? This workshop! We’ll help you create and deliver PowerPoint® presentations that are interesting, effective, and memorable. You’ll learn a fresh approach; one that combines information with visuals, experiences, and stories to connect you with an audience in a credible, captivating manner. Simply put (though it may sound a bit corny), we’re going to teach you how to take the “Ow!” out of PowerPoint®.

You’ll have the opportunity to refurbish one of your current presentations to maximize visual support, clarity of message, and audience comprehension. Plus you’ll get some practice under your belt delivering your new deck which will help you gain a better understanding of the power of Simplicity, Story, and You!


  • People who want their ideas to live.
  • Business professionals who use slide presentation software to close deals, promote products
    and services, sell ideas, motivate the troops, or face microphones and cameras.
  • OR…if you can answer YES to any of the following questions:
    Have some of your slides have been loaded with text, bullet points, or complex data?Have there been times when you’ve read off your slides?

    Has your audience ever looked bored, inattentive, or asleep?

NOTE: Some prior public speaking experience and basic understanding of PowerPoint® is recommended.

This one-day workshop gives participants:

  • That YOU, not your slides, deliver the message.
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of slide presentation software. (PowerPoint®)
  • When to use (and not use) PowerPoint®.
  • How to create slides that are clear, crisp, and high-impact.
  • How to transform slides you already have into effective visuals.
  • A sure-fire method to assess the effectiveness of your slides.
  • Ways to turn information into stories.
  • Tips for interacting with the technology.
  • How to focus your message.
  • How to connect intellectually and emotionally with your audience.
The floor will be lined with pillows so don’t be afraid to fall.
Well, it won’t really be lined with pillows, but it will be a ‘safe’ environment and that should make it easier for you to try new things. We’ll do all we can to bolster your confidence by providing tools and guidance, and if you’re stuck, we’ll work together to get you unstuck. The key is to bring an open mind and a willingness to embrace a new perspective.

It takes work to bring new ideas to life. Letting go of old beliefs or habits is tough, yet that’s exactly what you’ll be asked to do.

To maximize the value of our time together, please come prepared with the following:

  • Your laptop computer loaded with a current PowerPoint® business presentation – one you’ll be giving in the near future to external customers or partners. It’s going under the knife for face lift.
  • Based on the presentation you choose, please bring the answers to the following questions – in written form:
    – What is the main theme of your presentation?
    – How will you start? (3 – 4 lines)
    – What 3 things would you like your audience to remember?
    – When you are finished speaking, what would you like your audience to do? (use action verb)
    – How will things improve for them if they do?
  • Participate/Collaborate
    There will be several opportunities to speak, interact, and contribute. Encourage, critique and help others – the more minds and angles, the better.Share it.
  • Enjoy yourself!
    Relax. Smile. Remember the pillows on the floor….

Workbook for ease of learning and organization throughout the day.
• Thorough written and verbal evaluations.
• Video and audio media via secure individual web portals.
• A durable laminated Slide Guide™ reference card.

A Pre and Post Self-Assessment tool will be used to gauge the impact the course has on students’ communication ability, confidence, and style.

Currently, we only offer classes for teams. Harnessing PowerPoint is for between 6 and 10 participants at a time due to the focused individual attention.
Contact us for more information or to schedule a class.

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