Balanced Presentations

Balanced Presentations


Technical presentations can quickly overload an audience with information causing them to tune out and walk away with little learned. In this one-day workshop focused on information-heavy presentations, students will discover it’s all about the meaning of the data, not the data itself.

Through engaging activities participants will learn to simplify messages, change things up, ensure the audience is understanding, and of course let their personalities shine instead of being hidden behind the data. These ideas will then be applied to their actual business presentations for individual coaching and filming.

Anyone who delivers highly technical or data-heavy presentations and wants to effectively educate their audience while keeping them engaged and motivated.

This one to one and a half day workshop teaches participants:

  • Tips and techniques to maximize personal presence.
  • Ways to use voice, gestures, eye contact, movement, and body language.
  • How to pin-point the message behind the information.
  • Ways to change things up for audience attention and information retention.
  • Structuring modular presentations.
  • Ideas to open with impact.
  • How to connect intellectually and emotionally with an audience.
  • Ways to turn information into stories.
  • Transform data heavy slides into effective visuals.
  • To understand the audience’s expectations.
  • Tips for interacting with the technology.
  • How to properly utilize support materials.
  • Methods for dealing with nervousness and apprehension.
  • Effective ways to close presentations.
Filtering data can be labor intensive but the audience will be thankful!.

  • Explore the power of the Voice
  • Data Slides Simplified
  • Discussion and Collaboration: That’s how new ideas are born.
  • Incorporating flip charts and whiteboards.
  • Creative Confidence: Bring out the artist within.
  • Transform a current business presentation.
  • One-on-one expert coaching throughout the day.
  • Final presentation to camera.

Students must bring a printed versions of a current business presentation that we’ll start to overhaul.


  • Workbook for ease of learning and organization throughout the day.
  • Thorough written and verbal evaluations.
  • Video and audio media via secure individual web portals.
  • A durable laminated Impact Principles™ and The Message™ reference card.

A Pre and Post Self-Assessment tool will be used to gauge the impact the course has on students’ communication ability, confidence, and style.

Currently, we only offer classes for teams. Balanced Presentations is for between 6 and 12 participants at a time due to the focused individual attention.
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