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Highly flexible and customizable workshops designed to give larger groups as little as an hour or up to a half a day introduction to our enhanced communication methods. Participants will leave with several quick, effective tools to jumpstart their path to better presenting and communicating.

“When I arrived I found that nothing was what I expected- it was much, much better and exciting!
I loved each and every moment and was in the mode of learning all day long!”

– Mary Beth, class attendee


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After you’ve been exposed to Speak & Connect through a Discover Session or one of our keynote speeches it’s time to dig in and get some hands-on experience practicing the methods and processes in an intimate class setting. These courses are for smaller groups and teams.


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Our Advance Sessions include refresher courses as well as in-depth training on specific techniques. Former students will have a chance to remember and re-experience our process and methods. Or keep progressing and take a course that zooms in on segments like Opens and Closes, Interaction, Conference Calls, or Presenting with Technology.